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We are pleased to offer a free 30-day trial of Responder PRO. This download includes the full Responder PRO software feature set and you will be able to use it to analyze any malware you'd like. Before your trial expires, we'll email you with instructions on how to upgrade and purchase Responder PRO to continue using its many powerful features.

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Responder PRO
Windows + Linux



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In-memory malware detection
In-memory threat analysis
Binary disassembly
Reverse engineering
License for one (1) system

Introduction to Malware Reverse Engineering


Instructor-led online training
Learn to acquire and analyze memory images
Understand components of OS memory
Code assembly and disassembly
Responder PRO features
Student lab with real-world malware
4 CPE credits

Advanced Malware Analysis Using Responder PRO


Instructor-led online training
Detect and reverse engineer backdoor implants
Reverse engineer drivers and botnets
Virtual machine obfuscation techniques
Decipher common malware types
Record malware using REcon
12 CPE credits

Training Dates

Introduction to Malware Reverse Engineering

Advanced Malware Analysis Using Responder PRO

What Can I Do with Responder PRO?

  • Immediately prioritize suspicious modules
  • Reverse engineer malware
  • Analyze behaviors of in-memory code
  • Graphically view code relationships
  • Produce concise, accurate reports for management

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008+
  • Microsoft Windows 7+ (64bit)
  • Minumum 8 GB RAM

How Can I Learn More About Responder PRO?

Case Study

Asia's leading cyber security provider discusses how Responder PRO has benefited their business by helping them determine very quickly if a host has been compromised and reducing the time required for the triage process.

Comparison Chart

Responder PRO delivers more memory analysis and forensic functionality than any comparable solution on the market. Take a look at our comparison chart to better understand our unique advantages.

Responder PRO Webinar

Watch our recorded webinar as we walk through some of the newest and dirtiest pieces of malware around and show you how Responder PRO can identify and analyze today’s most advanced threats in real-time.