CounterTack is dedicated to helping incident response teams achieve optimal results in incident investigation, forensic analysis and dynamic training courses. You can purchase our Responder PRO product here, and you can also purchase our training courses here.

Responder PRO Subscription

Responder® PRO is the most advanced tool available for in-memory forensic analysis and endpoint incident response, featuring our patented DDNA behavioral analysis engine for unprecedented investigation and reverse engineering capabilities.

With powerful malware identification and analysis, teams can leverage Responder PRO for incident response to collect and analyze critical threat artifacts for unparalleled intelligence on attack residue found only in physical memory.

Responder PRO can be installed and run on Windows OS computers, but analyzes Windows and Linux systems. The product ships with Digital DNA®, FastDump PRO and includes support and maintenance. For more information see the Responder PRO datasheet or comparison chart.

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Responder PRO
Windows + Linux



Powered by DDNA
In-memory malware detection
In-memory threat analysis
Binary disassembly
Reverse engineering
License for one (1) system

Introduction to Malware Reverse Engineering


Instructor-led online training
Learn to acquire and analyze memory images
Understand components of OS memory
Code assembly and disassembly
Responder PRO features
Student lab with real-world malware
4 CPE credits

Advanced Malware Analysis Using Responder PRO


Instructor-led online training
Detect and reverse engineer backdoor implants
Reverse engineer drivers and botnets
Virtual machine obfuscation techniques
Decipher common malware types
Record malware using REcon
12 CPE credits